Fake News & CDC Finally Admit What Conservatives Knew All Along

Liberals everywhere have been wearing masks outside for the entire pandemic, even when they’re completely alone. But if they’d taken the time to read the unbiased science on masks and virus transmission, they would’ve found it’s nearly impossible to attract Covid-19 outdoors.

Pretty hypocritical for a group who preaches “trust the science.”

So why are liberals trusting their fake news more than science? If you said it’s because they’re brainwashed, you are correct. But finally, even the fake news sources have had to admit: outdoor mask wearing is just plain unnecessary.

“The underlying virus that causes Covid rarely spreads outdoors. In truth, the share of transmission that has occurred outdoors may be below 0.1%, multiple epidemiologists say.”

New York Times

Of course, we still have the liberals who claim proudly they will continue to wear face coverings outside, because apparently their entire identity and moral compass is now wrapped around a mask.

Liberals would rather suffer the psychological trauma that comes from covering their faces than admit they were ever wrong.

So let’s leave you with this important question: Is outdoor mask wearing for science or for liberal politics? Pretty sure we already know the answer.