General Flynn Responds to Internet Rumor – Crowd Goes Crazy

You may have heard this particular rumor in online chat rooms – it’s scuttlebutt that has been going around for years.

Call it a rumor, or a common theory – here it is: the United States was converted decades ago into a “corporation” and is no longer a “republic.”

It’s the reason why many believe President Trump will be coming back as the 19th (true) President of the United States of America Republic.

It’s also what people believe President Trump was referring to right before the election when he said something had already been signed that was big….really big.

Many believe he was referencing ending the Rockefeller/Rothschild Central Bank control of the “United States Corporation” and restoring the power of the Republic.

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We won’t go deep into it here. However, on Tuesday, General Michael Flynn was giving a talk and a lady in the audience asked him about this idea that the U.S. was now a corporation, not a republic.

His answer is creating quite a stir. Here it is:

If you would like to hear Flynn’s talk in full context, here is the video: