Google Just Got Punched In The Mouth

American citizens are getting fed up with Google’s antics like selective free speech and kicking off Conservative organizations like Parler.

But now, it’s coming back to bite them!

Antitrust lawsuits have been filed against Google by 36 States and Washington D.C.

Bloomberg reports that 36 states and Washington, DC, have sued Google, alleging that the internet giant illegally abused its power over developers that distribute apps through the Google Play store on mobile devices.

State attorneys general have filed an antitrust lawsuit that targets the fees Google takes from developers for purchases and subscriptions inside apps. The lawsuit was filed in California federal court.


This latest lawsuit is one of many against Google. They’ve come under fire for manipulating their search results to favor their own products and services.

This lawsuit will restore some balance in a very unbalanced society. Google has way too much power over free speech and clearly has a leftist bias.

We are a free nation and a free economy. Google must stop trampling on our freedoms or pay the price.