Guess What Ilhan Omar Just Said About Illegal Immigrants

ilhan omar illegal immigrants

Squad member Ilhan Omar has now made her stance on illegal immigrants very clear.

Omar says that ALL illegal immigrants should have a pathway to citizenship. See for yourself:

Most Americans — and even many Democrats — find this position to be too extreme. After all, if people are willing to break laws to enter our country, won’t they be more likely to break more laws once they are living here?

Omar’s position also denies the obvious fact that there already is a pathway to citizenship. It’s just that illegal immigrants have decided they don’t like that pathway. They’ve come here illegally and now they’re demanding citizenship.

If Omar gets her way, Hannity reports that it “would naturalize upwards of 180,000 people per month with little regulation or vetting.”

A couple of the reactions on Twitter:

“We owe them NOTHING if they have no respect for our laws and entered illegally.” -Anthony Raso

“You shouldn’t get to jump the line because you are in walking distance.” -Randall Bond

All of which begs the question:

American citizens have to follow U.S. laws — why shouldn’t immigrants have to do the same?

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