Guess What The CDC Has Been Keeping From You

Americans have relied upon a CDC database called VAERS for the number of adverse reactions to the vaccines. But now a lawsuit reveals the agency has a more accurate way to track this number.

According to the lawsuit, the V-Safe database has much more data about vaccine adverse reactions than VAERS. It’s a mobile app that allows tens of millions of “vaxxed” Americans to easily report adverse reactions. As their website notes:

“Use your smartphone to tell CDC about any side effects after getting the COVID-19 vaccine. You’ll also get reminders if you need a second vaccine dose.”

The mobile app is also easier to use than VAERS. Before someone can enter their info to VAERS data, they have to find the database and fill out a long questionnaire. And that’s before their info is even registered.

Because VAERS isn’t easy to find or use, not everyone who has an adverse reaction will report it.

Experts estimate the number of adverse reactions on VAERS is between 1%-10% sampling for the public database. In other words, the number of reactions reported on VAERS should be multiplied by 10-100 for a more accurate picture.

With V-Safe, a user can just download the app and share their story. Because this data is confirmed through a smartphone, there’s no chance of over-inflated numbers.

And the V-Safe app has cybersecurity protocols that would make the NSA sweat. Why?

The answer should be obvious. The CDC knows there are a lot of adverse reactions to the Covid-19 “vaccines. ” But if they reveal the true number, they’ll confirm what vaccine opponents have said for months:

That the shots aren’t as safe as the “experts” told us they were.

This makes us wonder and ask the question: What’s the real agenda behind this vaccine campaign? Because it doesn’t appear to be public health or safety.