Guess Who Just Made A BOLD Prediction About Trump

Marjorie Taylor Greene is fighting fire with fire.

From introducing articles of impeachment against Joe Biden on his first day of office to calling for the firing of Dr. Fauci…

She’s showing no signs of backing down – especially with her latest statement that will shake the Democrats to the core:

Not only did she say she backs the audit in Fulton County but she also pointed out that just the Fulton County audit will likely be enough to prove that Trump won Georgia due to Biden’s small margin of victory.

The Palmieri Report

Here’s her tweet:

A brief rundown of the “mess” in Georgia:

-50,000 inactive voters voted in the 2020 election

-17,400 ballots missing

-Batches of absentee ballots had the exact same vote number: Biden-392, Trump-96, Jo Jorgensen-3… and this happened FIVE TIMES!

-385 transfer forms for absentee ballot boxes are missing

-Boxes not checked on many control sheets – insecure storage of ballots suspected

-They impeached Trump for investigating these crimes

The Democrats should be very worried about these audits. Their hidden crimes will see daylight and the entire world will know they stole the election from Donald Trump.