Guess Who Just Predicted “Trump Wins in 2024”

As the Biden presidency unfolds and Americans begin to suffer, people are beginning to realize a simple but harsh truth: Donald Trump was right.

And Dick Morris, a close friend of Bill Clinton who helped him get re-elected in 1996, thinks it will put him back in the Oval Office come 2024.

“The Democratic Party is so destroying itself, is so self-destructive, and Biden is doing such a terrible job as president that there is no way that the Democrats are going to win in 2024,” Morris said. “It doesn’t matter who the Republican candidate is, he’s gonna win.”

The Western Journal

Considering how Joe Biden killed the Keystone XL pipeline (along with thousands of jobs) on literally his first day in office…

Plus the surge of illegal immigrants flooding the United States… Dick Morris might be on to something.

Of course, for Donald Trump to be re-elected in 2024, we need a fair and honest election that’s NOT rife with fraud and corruption.

And with Big Tech and the radical left working hand-in-hand to grab power for themselves, we need more transparency and accountability at all levels of our Government.