Dr. Fauci Just Said There Are “2 Americas” & THIS Is What Divides Them

america divided 2 americas

If somebody told you there were “two Americas,” you might be inclined to think along political lines: a “Republican America” and a “Democrat America.”

Or maybe you would use immigration status as a divider: U.S. citizens and illegal immigrants.

But neither of these are what Dr. Fauci had in mind when he said there are “two Americas.”

Rather, he was suggesting there is a “vaccinated America” and an “unvaccinated America.” Furthermore, he was suggesting that the rules that apply to these two “countries” of people are different.

Watch and see for yourself:

One wonders, Is this what Biden meant when he talked about uniting America?

Because right now, with Biden’s full endorsement, it seems like Dr. Fauci is doing his level best to split the country right down the middle.

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