Guess Who’s Calling Biden’s Meeting With Putin A Disaster

Biden’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva had the world watching, and it wasn’t long before the mainstream media and Democrats starting calling Biden’s performance a “major achievement.”

Except, according to a tweet made by Michael McFaul, Obama’s former Ambassador to Russia, it wasn’t.

“Putin unilaterally pulled Ambassador Antonov from Washington. Biden didn’t kick him out,” wrote Michael McFaul, the United States Ambassador to Russia from 2012 to 2014 on social media. “To call his return to DC now as a ‘major achievement’ of Geneva is a gross exaggeration.”


Here’s the tweet:

In March, Biden told ABC News that he thought Vladimir Putin was a killer. This resulted in the Russian President pulling his ambassador in the United States back to Russia. The following month, Joe Biden retaliated by pulling his ambassador to Russia back to the United States.

During the meeting in Geneva, the two leaders appeared to reach an agreement on this issue:

Putin annonced during his press conference after the summit that he would send his ambassador back to the United States and that Biden would send an ambassador back to Russia.

“The two ambassadors, we agreed, should return to their posts and take up their functions,” Putin said. “It’s a technical question as to exactly when that will happen — tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or whatever.”


During an interview with MSNBC, McFaul called this move nothing more than “baby steps” that gave no clear victory to Biden or the USA.

He said the same thing about the two leaders and their progress on Iran, Syria, and cybersecurity.

Michael McFaul is an insider with intimate knowledge of Moscow and the Kremlin. His input is much more accurate than the applause of the fake mainstream media!