Haha, YouTube Is Getting SUED – Here’s Why

Tech companies like YouTube are actively trying to take away our free speech. They think they can ban anyone from speaking, even the President of the United States.

After Biden was elected, things got even worse. Twitter banned Donald Trump, in an unprecedented attack on our elected officials. YouTube began forbidding conservative video creators from making any money from ads. Then they just started removing their channels entirely.

One man has had enough of it. He’s taking them to court.

Steven Crowder runs a conservative YouTube channel and a podcast, Louder with Crowder. Recently, YouTube started issuing “hard strikes” on their older content. Three strikes and you’re out for good. Crowder believes they’re going through old videos, trying to find any reason to ban him from the platform entirely.

Because of this history of YouTube applying strikes against us for policies it doesn’t seem to apply to other channels, because YouTube hasn’t been clear about these policies and seems to apply them unfairly to us, we notified YouTube of the intent to file a lawsuit and seek an injunction.

Why should you care, no matter what side of the political aisle you’re on? YouTube isn’t encouraging debate, it’s trying to squash debate, trying to eradicate ideas from its platform it simply does not like. One day those ideas are about the election, then they’re about COVID, and now those ideas include applauding an officer for saving a woman’s life? When will enough be enough?

Louder With Crowder

He goes into all the details in this video, posted to rumble.com out of fears that YouTube will try to hide the truth.

This is a step in the right direction. Social media has become the way people get their ideas out into the world. We have free speech in America and freedom of the press. Both of those are constitutional rights and, for Americans, they extend to the internet.