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New Poll Reveals Majority Believes Convicting Trump of a ‘Serious Crime’ Would Be Just

Over Half of U.S. Voters in Poll View Potential Trump Conviction for ‘Serious Crime’ as Just

A recent Yahoo News/YouGov survey reveals that 51% of U.S. voters consider a potential conviction of former President Trump for a ‘serious crime’ as a rightful action to hold him accountable, as opposed to 38% who view it as a politically motivated unfairness. Additionally, 53% believe that a conviction should bar him from future presidential eligibility, against 37% who support his eligibility regardless.

The poll highlights a stark partisan divide, with 72% of Republicans and those leaning Republican deeming any conviction as politically biased against Trump. Conversely, 68% within this group believe Trump should remain eligible for presidency even if convicted.

The survey also points to a general lack of awareness among voters about the specifics of the charges against Trump, who faces four indictments totaling 91 felony charges. The most recognized charge, identified by 58% of respondents, involves the alleged mishandling of classified documents from the White House.

Less known among the respondents is the charge related to Trump’s alleged efforts to interfere with the certification of the 2020 election results, with only about half correctly identifying this indictment.