Here’s Why Biden’s Border Crisis is About to Get Worse

As if the southern border crisis under Joe Biden isn’t bad enough – buckle up. Things are about to get even worse.

Travel restrictions that have been in place since the onset of the pandemic are set to expire next week. If they do, it means U.S. borders will open up to nonessential travel, reviving cross-border traffic at U.S. ports of entry along the southwest border.

In normal times, that would be a good thing. The economies of border communities that depend on cross-border travel and commerce, especially those in Texas, have suffered greatly as a result of these travel restrictions. But these are not normal times, and opening the border now, amid near-record levels of illegal immigration, could be a recipe for disaster.

Simply put, the federal agencies charged with policing the border are overwhelmed, and have been for months. U.S. Customs and Border Protection, which manages the ports of entry and is charged with processing and transporting anyone caught crossing the border illegally, has had to divert its attention from the ports of entry to help deal with soaring numbers of families and unaccompanied children apprehended by Border Patrol and placed in CBP custody.

The Federalist

The border crisis is so disastrous that the corporate media (who serve as mouthpieces for the Democratic Party) are no longer covering this story. The border numbers for June have still not been released as we now hit the 16th of July.

More likely, the Biden administration doesn’t want the numbers to come out for political reasons. In May, federal authorities made more than 180,000 apprehensions at the southwest border, a record for that month. All told this fiscal year, excluding June, border apprehensions have nearly exceeded 930,000 — a 20-year high.

Everything is political with the Biden Administration. This week, Biden’s own DHS Secretary threatened all Cubans and Haitians with deportation if they try to immigrate into the U.S. by boat. The Cubans are known to hate socialism and when they come to America they vote Republican. But when it comes to the southern border, Biden allows thousands of unaccompanied minors into the country to stay, so Democrats can brainwash them from a young age to be dependent of the government and to vote Democrat.

Biden’s border crisis continues to crumble and their is no positive end in sight.

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