How Mao Used Critical Race Theory To Murder Millions

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is one of the most common buzzwords that you’ll hear in education, politics, and the media these days, but few people outside of the founders of groups like Black Lives Matter have any idea of the background of the theory and how it has been used for unspeakable cruelty.

Now, you may be familiar with some of what CRT teaches. People outside of the bizarre echo chamber which is Marxist theory typically immediately recognize that CRT is, despite how it’s being sold to people, an inherently racist ideology. How else would you describe any line of thinking that called one group racist and privileged because of their DNA and another group helpless victims because of their DNA? You would call it racist because that is exactly what it is.

But the point of CRT isn’t and has never been for the purpose of eliminating racial bias. In fact, if you understand its history, you know that the purpose of CRT is to promote racial bias in order to destabilize societies. And before you write off that statement as conspiracy theory nonsense, take a moment to read the truth. Alex Newman writes,

When [children are] bombarded with racial division and hyper-racial extremism, they not only begin thinking in terms of race, they also begin resenting those supposedly in other “groups” alleged to be in conflict with them.

And that’s precisely the point. In the Soviet Union, like Marx decades earlier, totalitarians divided people by “class,” driving a wedge between the “bourgeoisie” and the “proletariat.”

Similar divisions were created and exploited by Chairman Mao in communist China.

In America, where the poor live materially better than the rich in many nations, the “class conflict” narrative was not as effective.

And so, as in National Socialist (Nazi) Germany, socialist and communist agents from abroad and homegrown subversives turned to “race” as the key fault line to exploit.

Newman continues:

Prominent Chinese exile Lily Tang-Williams, who grew up under Mao but eventually fled to the United States, remembers those exact tactics being used in Mao’s government-indoctrination centers for children, masquerading as “public schools.”

“It creates hatred, guilt, and division in our country,” she said about CRT being peddled on children in school. “It is a tool used by the radical left to divide and conquer.”

Having grown up during Mao’s reign and experienced the entire 10-year Cultural Revolution, Williams sounded the alarm about what’s happening in America today.

“Let me tell you, this racist theory is nothing more than a tactic to separate citizens into ‘oppressed’ and ‘oppressor’ classes, and it is something I have heard before,” said Williams, who recently testified before the New Hampshire legislature on this issue.

Mao’s regime sought to destroy the “four olds,” she told The Epoch Times, referring to the mass-murdering communist Chinese tyrant’s campaign to eradicate China’s old ideas, culture, habits, and customs.

Again, from Newman:

Tens of millions of Chinese died amid the Cultural Revolution “due to those murderous policies,” said Williams, who serves on the advisory board of U.S. Parents Involved in Education along with this writer and others in the field.

“What is happening in America today with CRT, in our schools, in our workplaces and governmental agencies, really reminds me of what happened during the Cultural Revolution,” she added.

This is the kind of information which you won’t hear from most educators, leftist politicians, or activists, at least, not in public, assuming that they even know it. Sadly, those bureaucrats, politicians, and activists are often “useful idiots” who are used to create chaos and change and are, then, killed off because they are no longer useful to those who are running the revolution.

It’s important that you know your history and, especially, that you know the history of such movements such as the CRT movement because if you don’t know the history, you won’t understand why it’s critical for both your survival and, potentially, for the lives of millions of Americans that CRT is completely removed from all aspects of our educational system and society.

What do you think is the best way to remove CRT from American society? Comment below.