Risk of Death From Vaccine 260 Times More Than Covid-19?

It’s obvious that Big Pharma, the media, and government want as many Americans to take the Covid-19 vaccines as possible. They’ve said or implied that the risk from the jabs are low, and folks shouldn’t worry about it. But that’s simply not the truth.

That’s because these so-called “vaccines” aren’t the same as vaccines in years past. The big difference is what’s called ‘messenger’ RNA, or mRNA. According to the CDC, mRNA is supposed to give ‘genetic instructions’ to a vaccinated person’s cells to build protection against the Covid-19 virus.

Traditional vaccines had weakened versions of a virus. In theory, a vaccinated person’s immune system could fight and defeat the virus, thereby building immunity. This is what’s odd and different from previous vaccines and today’s Covid vaccines.

Vaccines with mRNA have never passed testing on animals, much less proper testing on humans. Because there wasn’t time to do proper testing, they aren’t approved by the FDA. As shocking as these facts are, they’re not the most disturbing.

A brave doctor has come forward with a shocking discovery. People under 39 who take the Covid-19 vaccine are a whopping 260 times more likely to die than from the disease itself.

Dr. Lee Merritt revealed this in a recent interview on the Freedom One-On-One podcast. After this episode aired, the podcast’s channel was kicked off of YouTube — a sure sign that she told an ‘uncomfortable truth’ that Big Tech didn’t like.

Not suprisingly, the risk of the vaccine isn’t better for older folks. If you’re 60 or older, studies show that you’re 30 times more likely to die than if you didn’t take the jab. Which raises the question: If these vaccines carry such a high risk, why were they rushed to the market in less than a year?

If you or a loved one have considered taking a Covid vaccine, please do plenty of research and take your time before making a decision. NEVER let anyone bully, coerce or force you to take it for any reason. We don’t know all the short-term negative side effects for vaccinated people, much less the ones they’ll experience two, five or 10 years down the road.

Remember the Latin phrase “cui bono?” — which means “who stands to gain?” Those who have the most to gain appear to be Big Pharma and Big Government, but not the average Joe like you or me. It is your body and your choice whether you take the jab or not. But as for me, no thanks.

As the investors say on Shark Tank to a bad deal: “I’m out.”