How Popular Is President Joe Biden?

Hillary Clinton Tells Voters: ‘Get over it’

Hillary Clinton, during her appearance on “The Tonight Show” hosted by Jimmy Fallon, delivered a straightforward message to voters apprehensive about a second electoral showdown between President Biden and former President Trump. When Fallon inquired about what she would say to those who are discontented with the prospect of choosing between Biden and Trump, Clinton’s response was unambiguous: “Get over yourself. Those are the two choices.”

Fallon showed approval of her candidness, and Clinton proceeded to articulate her perspective on the two veteran candidates slated for the 2024 election. She characterized Biden as “old, effective, and compassionate,” highlighting his empathetic nature and genuine concern for people. In stark contrast, she pointed to Trump’s legal entanglements, noting his association with multiple felony charges, although she acknowledged the recent dismissal of three of these charges in a Georgia case.

Clinton expressed confusion over the perceived difficulty in choosing between the candidates, stressing the critical nature of the upcoming election for defining the nation’s future direction. She lamented the lack of engagement from those who fail to recognize the existential stakes of the election, pointing out the clear intentions and agendas articulated by Trump and his supporters regarding their vision for the country.

Encouraging active participation in the democratic process, Fallon echoed Clinton’s sentiment, urging the audience to vote. Clinton’s advocacy for making a decisive choice in the election reflects a broader rallying call within the Democratic Party to support Biden. This was evident in a recent high-profile fundraising event in New York City, which saw Biden joined by former President Bill Clinton, former President Obama, and a host of A-list celebrities, underscoring the concerted effort within the party to mobilize support ahead of the critical electoral battle.