INSANE: Actual Footage Of Children Reciting CRT Indoctrination

It’s clear the teacher in the following clip believes wholeheartedly she’s doing the right thing. But all that says to us is that the brainwashing is far deeper than we thought.

To actually coax a child into saying the following things and believe you’re not part of an indoctrination scheme must mean you are entirely void of critical thought.

This “teacher,” who seems more like an “indoctrinator” than an educator, asks her 9 and 10 year old students, “What are some racial differences that you’ve noticed around you? Who would like to share?”

The first and obviously racist issue with this question is that it’s teaching children to harp on differences based on the color of their skin. Isn’t that racism?

The next problem is with the phrasing of this question. It implies that every student has had a racially motivated encounter. Notice the “indoctrinator” doesn’t say, “Have any of you experienced what you thought was a racially motivated encounter?”

Not phrasing this question as a “yes or no question” doesn’t give the child an opportunity to decide if he or she is the victim of racism. It’s telling the child he or she is a victim of racism.

The indoctrinator also provided the following list of questions that she asks her students.

This is only a can of worms. It’s heartbreaking to see young people being encouraged to focus on their differences. Liberal public schooling is only breeding more division and more racism.