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DeSantis Dispatches National Guard Soldiers to Texas Border

Governor DeSantis has pledged to send both Florida National Guard and Florida State Guard members to assist Texas in its efforts to curb the influx at the southern border. Florida is prepared to provide up to 1,000 National Guard members, contingent on the requirements specified by Texas.

Governor DeSantis emphasized the importance of border security, stating, “States have the absolute right to maintain their sovereignty, and we are committed to bolstering Texas’s endeavors to halt the border incursion.” He further mentioned that the additional forces from Florida would contribute to enhancing border defenses, including the installation of razor wire. DeSantis highlighted the fundamental need for a secure border to maintain national integrity.

In response to the recent Supreme Court decision, which allows U.S. Border Patrol agents to dismantle razor wire installed by Texas law enforcement, Governor Abbott has reaffirmed his stance on the border situation. Following this, Governor DeSantis, along with several other Republican governors, has expressed unwavering support for Governor Abbott’s measures, despite the Texas National Guard’s apparent disregard for the Supreme Court’s ruling.

Florida has a history of providing assistance to the southern border, having previously deployed state troops and agency personnel to Texas last year to aid in border defense. The DeSantis administration pointed out that Florida has been actively offering law enforcement and military support to Texas since 2021.

Moreover, a bill is currently progressing through the Florida Legislature that seeks to amend the existing stipulation which restricts the Florida State Guard’s operations to within the state. The proposed legislation, H.B. 1551, would grant Governor DeSantis the authority to activate the Florida State Guard whenever deemed necessary, potentially broadening the scope of its deployment.