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Governor Poised to Endorse Republican Presidential Candidate Other Than Trump

In a noteworthy development within the Republican circles, the Governor of Iowa, Kim Reynolds, is poised to officially back the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, in the forthcoming GOP presidential primaries, overtaking former President Donald Trump. This declaration of support is anticipated to take place at a political gathering in Des Moines on Monday evening, a detail shared by individuals with knowledge of the event’s organization.

Governor Reynolds’ endorsement is poised to inject momentum into Governor DeSantis’ campaign, as current polling data shows him behind Trump, albeit as the next most favored contender. Governor Reynolds, who enjoys considerable popularity in Iowa after her decisive re-election, will be present at the Des Moines rally as a distinguished attendee, reflecting her departure from the neutrality she maintained earlier in the race.

Their collaboration extends to a subsequent event on Tuesday in Davenport, highlighting DeSantis’ intense focus on Iowa—a state of significant strategic importance due to its early caucuses that have traditionally been the bellwether for the Republican nomination.

Despite Trump’s solid standing as the current front-runner, fueled paradoxically by his historical indictments, DeSantis’ campaign has diligently worked on the ground in Iowa. Conversely, Trump’s support within Florida has seen a recent uptick with endorsements from local legislators.

The unfolding political dynamics continue to attract attention, particularly with regards to other potential endorsements, such as that from the Governor of New Hampshire, Chris Sununu. New Hampshire is another pivotal state with its early primary elections.

With the political stage heating up and candidates vying for influential endorsements, Governor Sununu has hinted at his impending decision, signaling it could shape the contours of the Republican primaries just as the country enters the election cycle.