Is Kamala A Disgrace To America?

During private discussions on Friday, former President Trump expressed apprehension about the possibility of Rep. Tom Emmer assuming the role of Speaker, citing a lack of robust support for himself, especially in light of the legal challenges he’s facing, as relayed by individuals privy to these conversations. Trump’s reservations stem from Emmer’s past criticism post the Capitol upheaval on January 6, initiated by Trump’s rhetoric, and unverified accounts that Emmer, during his tenure as the head of the House Republican campaign committee, suggested candidates distance themselves from Trump.

However, Casey Nelson, the spokesperson for Emmer’s Whip office, contested any notion of discord between Emmer and Trump. Nelson emphasized Emmer’s collaborative efforts with Trump during his time as the National Republican Congressional Committee Chair to regain a Republican majority in the House. Nelson conveyed Emmer’s eagerness to maintain this cooperative dynamic should he secure the Speaker position.

Previously, Trump had endorsed Rep. Jim Jordan for Speaker. However, Jordan’s aspirations were quashed when his fellow Republicans, through a confidential vote, decided against endorsing him further for the position. This decision came after Jordan had unsuccessfully vied for the speakership three times. His unsuccessful attempt succeeded similar failed efforts by House Majority Leader Steve Scalise and the removal of former Speaker Kevin McCarthy.