Is Schiff A Disgrace To America?

Cheney Points Finger at McCarthy for Chaos in House Speaker Role

In a recent discussion on CNN’s “State of the Union,” ex-Representative Liz Cheney of Wyoming expressed disappointment but not shock at the turmoil within the House, attributing it to former Speaker Kevin McCarthy from California. She pinpointed McCarthy’s decision to promote individuals intent on contesting the 2020 election outcome and his disregard for the events of January 6 as primary factors.

Cheney did not mince words as she criticized McCarthy for advancing certain members she characterized as holding white supremacist and anti-Semitic views. She highlighted that these individuals were among those who sought to disrupt the 2020 electoral process and invalidate its outcomes.

Moreover, she touched on the increasing instances of intimidation and threats of harm directed at Republican members in the midst of the ongoing disarray over the Speakership. Cheney underscored that such normalization of violence is not only unsuitable but also perilous within the sphere of political discourse. Several Republicans have reported receiving threats to their lives following their recent voting actions regarding the Speaker position

Cheney also traced the origin of these threats back to the former President, Donald Trump, and his unfounded assertions of electoral victory in 2020. She emphasized the potency of these falsehoods in inciting violence, an issue that remains unresolved. She voiced hope that the upcoming Speaker’s forum would address this critical concern, posing a question often raised by Representative Ken Buck of Colorado: whether or not there is acknowledgment that Donald Trump was not the victor of the 2020 election.

Notably, Cheney experienced a fall from grace within her party’s leadership structure in 2021 due to her outspokenness against Trump’s baseless claims of electoral fraud. Her removal, in favor of a more Trump-aligned figure, had the backing and involvement of McCarthy.