Is Trump Too Old To Be President In 2024?

Tucker Carlson Endorses Donald Trump for 2024 Presidential Election

Ex-Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson recently declared his support for Donald Trump in the upcoming 2024 presidential race.

Carlson, who appeared on Roseanne Barr’s podcast, cited the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-A-Lago residence last summer as a pivotal moment that solidified his support. “That can’t stand,” he stated, emphasizing that his backing of Trump goes beyond mere agreement on policies. He views the raid as an unacceptable action, driving his decision to support Trump regardless of differing viewpoints.

Earlier this year, Carlson was taken off air following Fox News’ multimillion-dollar out-of-court settlement with Dominion Voting Systems over defamation claims. Dominion’s lawsuit centered on false allegations of election fraud promoted by former President Trump, which were crucial to the case.

The lawsuit also revealed internal Fox News communications, including those from Carlson, which showed a clear denunciation of Trump and his election fraud claims. In one notable message, Carlson expressed intense dislike for Trump, saying, “I hate him passionately.”

However, the federal investigation into Trump’s handling of classified documents, leading to the search of his Florida home, was a critical turning point for Carlson. He sees this issue as transcending individual political figures, framing it as a matter of living in a country with a free and fair justice system. Carlson affirmed his commitment to vote for Trump and expressed readiness to lead protests and provide maximum donations if Trump were to be convicted.