IT’S OFFICIAL: Unvaccinated People Banned From All Public Places HERE

Well folks, it has begun. A Chinese city has entirely banned unvaccinated individuals from public places.

Up until now, threats of unvaccinated people not being allowed to participate in regular life were just that: threats.

For the most part, we can still do everything we could do before. Travel, shop, spend time with loved ones, etc.

But in Tenghe, China, any illusion of rights they had just went down the drain.

A local government in China has banned unvaccinated Chinese residents from entering public venues such as shopping malls, public transport stations and supermarkets.

Meanwhile, public servants across China will also have their salaries suspended or be denied work for not getting vaccinated.

Employees or contractors who do not get vaccinated will not be paid, nor be allowed to work, said an official notice on vaccination promotion, issued by Tanghe Command Center for COVID-19 Control and Prevention on Wednesday.

The Epoch Times

Communism at its finest, ladies and gentlemen.