Jill Biden Valentine’s Day Lawn Decorations Call for Unity While Democrats Impeach Private Citizen Donald J. Trump

White House Valentines Day Decorations

On a crisp Friday morning, Jill Biden took her husband Joe out for a walk on the White House lawn to show off the beautiful Valentine’s Day decorations she had made on the taxpayer’s dime.

The decorations look borderline cheap–definitely on the simple side. They appear to be something anyone could have made.

See for yourself:

But hey, the Biden’s want to give everyone hope. Courage. And really want us all to…oh, I can’t type this without laughing…unify.

So why aren’t you unifying already?

Maybe because, while Joe is shuffling around the lawn looking lost, only a sparrow’s flight away at the Capitol building, Joe and Jill’s favorite political party was continuing their unconstitutional clown show.

Many on Twitter could see right through this charade:

Meanwhile, over on the Hill, President’ Trump’s legal team put together this fantastic video showing Democrats ‘inciting violence.’

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