Kamala Blames Poor Polling Numbers On President Biden Not Taking Credit For Accomplishments, You Agree?

VP Harris Cites Lack of Credit for Administration’s Achievements as Reason for Low Approval Ratings

Vice President Kamala Harris recently attributed the low approval ratings of herself and President Biden to the administration’s failure to adequately highlight its achievements. In a conversation with journalist Katie Couric, Harris agreed with Couric’s observation that despite significant accomplishments like the $1.2 trillion 2021 infrastructure law, job creation, and low unemployment, these successes are not frequently mentioned by reporters. Harris emphasized the need for the administration to better communicate its accomplishments to the public.

Harris believes that showcasing ongoing infrastructure projects and student debt relief efforts will resonate with Americans. Despite these efforts, President Biden’s approval rating has dropped to the 30s, a concerning figure in a re-election year. The administration faces criticism over issues like border control and the economy. While there has been positive economic news, such as a 3.3 percent rise in GDP and a slight cooling of inflation, these achievements are overshadowed by ongoing economic challenges.

In another part of the interview, Harris discussed the border crisis, clarifying her role in addressing it. Responding to Couric’s question about the 68% disapproval rate of the administration’s handling of the border crisis, Harris highlighted the complexity of the immigration system and the administration’s efforts to address it, starting with an immigration bill proposed right after their inauguration.