Kamala & Joe Don’t Want You to Know What This Farmer Found on His Property

He’s a Texas farmer who earns a living growing onions and water melons.

On Mothers Day (of all days), this salt of the earth American made a shocking discovery.

While driving along the banks of the Rio Grande river, which is the end of his property line, the farmer couldn’t believe what he saw.

Sitting on the river bank were FIVE “baby” girls. One infant was naked.

It didn’t take the farmer long to figure out he had five unaccompanied minors from Mexico on his hands. They needed immediate help.

Thank God he found these precious children.

This is just one anecdotal account of what is happening to children on the southern border thanks to the Biden Administration’s refusal to address the situation.

These five little girls were abandoned on the river bank, left to die. Who knows if some “Coyotes” are to blame or someone else. Regardless, this is child abuse. The fact our country is allowing this to go on is a disgrace.

Listen as the farmer and his wife share their horrifying story with Congressman Tony Gonzales.

As the wife points out, it was 103 degrees at the Mexican border on Mothers Day. Congressman Gonzalez says, “It’s about to get really hot down here.” The farmer’s wife replied, “there will be many deaths here.”

How sad.

When will the Biden Administration be held accountable!


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  1. send every adult back. But.keep the children under 16 ..Maybe we can teach them how to be honesty and goodness. IT is to late to help the older people ..They don’t love their own children so why shouldn’t they Rape and kill our females …(In their minds)…Send the over 16 BACK..save our country for petes sake-!!!!!

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