Legacy Media TERRIFIED as Meteorologist Blows Whistle LIVE On-Air

More and more reporters are starting to join the fight against media censorship. They’ve clearly had enough.

April Moss, a reporter for CBS 62, exposed CBS live on-air. After reporting on the weather, she calmly announced her upcoming interview with Project Veritas. Imagine the panic behind the scenes as she bravely divulges the discrimination on live tv! What a woman!

Watch the video below:

Project Veritas is a media watchdog that has been fighting against mainstream media lies for over a decade. Recently, they were the only safe haven for a FOX whistleblower.

In an email, Project Veritas gave more details on the upcoming interview:

Project Veritas’ latest Brave Insider, CBS 62 meteorologist April Moss, went ON-AIR to blow the whistle on CBS’ workplace “discrimination.” Project Veritas is creating a movement of whistleblowers inside every newsroom across the country. Those who’ve been witness to corruption in the media finally have an outlet to tell their stories honestly. We look forward to helping many more journalists step forward to do just that. Stay tuned as April’s story is quickly developing – there will be more on this VERY SOON.

Project Veritas has been excellent at making sure these whistleblowers are heard. No doubt Moss will lose her job over this. It’s unfair, but that’s how these news organizations have been working to try to keep others quiet. It’s not working anymore, and they’re absolutely terrified that their lies are finally being exposed.

  1. April, I have never seen or heard of you before 10 minutes ago. Right now, I think you have more guts than most of the so-called journalists of today. Most of the good ones are too afraid of losing their jobs to tell the public the truth, or they think that they are so good, no one would fire them. Well, the public has noticed and it feels that too damn many of the media are worthless and should return from where they were found, in a kindergarten playing with blocks. Too many are like the Cuomo brothers, Don Lemonade, the idiot (James what’s name) that gave Trump so much BS, funny, they’re all from the previous biggie, CNN. Hope they can find a real job that requires the truth, no corruption, no misinformation, believes in their country and the people in it. Women and men that are honorable are few anymore. Thank God for you and the “whistleblowers” because they will responsible for rebuilding this great nation, from a fake media and even worst politicians governing over us. But then again, if they don’t like it, then they need to ask the hard hitting question of the Administration and not what color they like.

  2. Go Project Veratas!! I pray April Moss gets rewarded for her story. She is a brave lady.

  3. Only true American Patriots have the intestinal fortitude to stand against tyrants who threaten and unleash their harassing tactics to silence individuals reporting to the public, freedom of speech, liberty, American freedoms and inalienable rights.

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