Liberals Just Made An Unsettling Vaccine Propaganda Song

The gay choir of San Francisco has composed a new song called “Vaccinate!”

It’s safe to assume the entire group of men is vaccinated, yet they still stood socially distanced in an outdoor setting to sing their propaganda song.

Weren’t they supposed to trust the science? Or did they miss the part where COVID-19 doesn’t transmit outdoors?

Maybe they stood 6 feet apart because of the recent reports on how ineffective the vaccine is.

“Vaccinate! Vaccinate! Make an appointment! Vaccinate! Vaccinate! Make an appointment! Vaccinate! Vaccinate! Gets rid of COVID! Vaccinate! Gets rid of COVID!”

Sf Gay Men’s Chorus

A musical PSA from San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus: PLEASE get vaccinated so we can sing together again! 💉 #vaccine #celebrate #choralsinging #lgbtq

♬ original sound – San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus

Wow. So convincing. I have to say, I was really on the fence about getting the experimental shot until now. Brb, going to my non FDA-approved “vaccine” appointment.

Just kidding. 🙄