Magazine Publishes Two Bizarre Stories – People’s Reactions Are Perfect

It’s true that you can find some truly strange things online, comments that people make, Photoshopped pictures, humorous memes.

Even with all of that, though, there are, apparently some limits to what you can get away with saying online, even (maybe especially) if a Chinese state-run magazine says it.

Rita Li gives us the details of an especially strange story coming out of China:

A Chinese magazine has published two reports in the last year that conclude boiled eggs can be turned into raw eggs before hatching chicks, through a regeneration process. The anecdotal evidence has recently led to questions on Chinese social media about the academic industry and the magazine’s publishing quality.

One report titled “Turning Cooked Eggs into Raw Eggs (Egg Regeneration): A Lab Report on Hatching Chicks,” was published by Pictorial Geography magazine, a state-run publication managed by the Jilin Provincial News Radio and TV Bureau, in June 2020.

“After 20 minutes the eggs were successfully regenerated. A light transmission test was conducted by an observer, and the egg was translucent, with the egg white and yolk clearly visible,” said the authors Guo Ping and Bai Weiyun, stating that over 40 boiled eggs had been brought back to life after specially-trained students focused their “mental energy” on reviving them, according to state-run media Xinhua.

Li continues:

The second paper, published in March 2021, said boiled fertilized eggs can be restored to raw eggs through “intention and energy transmission,” performed by students trained in this technique, without harming bioactivity. One of the seven regenerated eggs was allegedly proven to hatch out a healthy chick, as witnessed by seven students, six parents, and two professors.

“Every process is very strict and serious,” states the report.

The website for the school that employs Guo is no longer viewable. If you wonder why, it might have something to do with people online calling her “a liar” and questioned her “common sense.”

Of course, the Chinese Communist Party doesn’t like to look foolish in anyone’s eyes, and, because Pictorial Georgraphy is a state-run magazine in China, they are now under investigation there, and “the magazine was suspended from publication” during that investigation.

You have to wonder, though, how such bizarre stories could get published in what would seem to be a respectable publication since it is state run and appears to be academic. Your next question, though, might be if we can trust our own mainstream media and government-run educational institutions if this can happen in such a tightly controlled society as China. I think that we know the answer to that already.