What You Didn’t Hear About Biden’s 100-Day Speech: This Will Scare You

Children are wonderful and precious little beings, and it’s absolutely amazing how much information that they can absorb, especially when they are very young such as pre-school age.

Apparently, Biden’s leftist handlers realize this, too, and they have hatched a plan to try to make sure that kids grow up never hearing anything that isn’t leftist approved. They even had Biden try to sell it to Americans during his 100-Day speech. Roger L. Simon writes,

In a recent article, I called on Donald Trump, if he were to run again, to define himself as the education president, to bring us back to a system free of ideological bias, one that would teach young people how to think, not what to think, as the present one does, with few exceptions, from kindergarten to Ph.D.

I also assumed this would mean a return of education to local government, to the parents and students, the real consumers of the education, and take it out of the hands of Washington, DC bureaucrats with whatever (usually statist) axes they have to grind.

During Wednesday night’s speech just before his one hundredth day in office, the current holder of the presidency, Joe Biden, did just the opposite.

He outlined his intention to increase the grip of the federal government on our educational system, this time all the way down to pre-K, and, in so doing, became the Miseducation President.

Of all the titanic spending proposals in his American Family Plan ($1.8 to $1.9 trillion, according to reports—specific costs were curiously left out of the speech, although they were available elsewhere) Mr. Biden made Wednesday night, his education programs present the most serious long-term danger.

They go to the fabric of our culture and, once started, are not easily reversed. Wittingly or not, they have the capacity to bring this republic to a point of no return, making it unrecognizable.

You’ve seen how bad our country is suffering right now with the college-aged in America having grown up going through hardcore leftist brainwashing in the educational system. Now, imagine how much worse it will be when leftists, using government power, start brainwashing your kids before they can even talk.

It’s terrifying in its implications.

If there is one thing that we must do to protect our children and grandchildren, we must end leftist control of our children’s education. Otherwise, dreams of freedom and a republic in America could disappear for good.