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Cheney Advises Haley to Remain in GOP Primary Until Super Tuesday

In a forthcoming episode of the podcast “Pod Save America,” set to be released on Friday, Liz Cheney, the former Representative, made a compelling argument for Nikki Haley to remain in the Republican primary race through Super Tuesday. Cheney, who has been vocal in her opposition to Donald Trump, described his candidacy as a critical danger to the United States. She lauded Haley for her bravery in challenging Trump, acknowledging the steep challenge Haley faces.

Cheney’s perspective on the current political landscape is deeply informed by her concerns over Trump’s influence within the GOP. Despite not having endorsed any candidate for the presidency, Cheney has flirted with the idea of launching a third-party bid herself. During her conversation with Jon Favreau, a former Obama administration speechwriter and the podcast’s host, Cheney did not dismiss the possibility of a third-party candidate entering the fray, hinting that she might be considering such a move herself. Her primary focus, she asserted, is to see Trump defeated, a goal that she believes should shape her eventual decision.

The discussion also touched on the broader dynamics within the Republican Party, particularly in the wake of Trump’s victory in the New Hampshire primary. Cheney criticized Ronna McDaniel, the Republican National Committee Chair, for urging party unity behind Trump at this early stage, suggesting it was premature to declare the primary race concluded.

Cheney’s critique wasn’t limited to McDaniel. She expressed disappointment with fellow Republicans who have aligned themselves closely with Trump, abandoning what she views as their former principles and integrity. This includes Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, who endorsed Trump shortly after halting his own primary campaign, and Representative Elise Stefanik of New York, whom Cheney disparagingly referred to as a “crackpot.”

The conversation further delved into the actions of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Cheney condemned McConnell’s apparent readiness to retract from a bipartisan immigration agreement following Trump’s directive to Republicans to oppose it. She lamented the transformation of GOP members who once held respectable and thoughtful positions, now seemingly forsaking their values in allegiance to Trump.

Cheney’s impassioned commentary on “Pod Save America” reflects her deep-seated concerns about the direction of the Republican Party and the pivotal role of figures like Haley in challenging Trump’s dominance. Her call for Haley to stay in the race through Super Tuesday is not just strategic advice but a plea for the preservation of the party’s core values and the integrity of the American political system.