Michelle Malkin CENSORED by YouTube for 1 Absurd Reason

Conservative commentator and Newsmax presenter Michelle Malkin has an online show called MalkinLive.

Until now, anyone could watch it on YouTube.

But yesterday, YouTube told Malkin they’d taken down one of her shows for “medical misinformation”.

This particular show featured a discussion about vaccine exemptions.

But according to Big Tech, Malkin had the wrong opinions, and couldn’t be allowed to share them with her own subscribers.

In this case, the censorship didn’t stop at YouTube.

Twitter stopped her from sharing alternative links to her content via BitChute.

Here’s her reaction:

In 2019, I sounded the alarm on how Silicon Valley and the World Health Organization were conspiring to stifle dissent on mandatory vaccines. Parents who spoke out against Big Pharma control freaks were the canary in the deplatforming coal mine that has entrapped conservatives, pro-lifers, nationalists, MAGA activists & Donald Trump himself. Few listened and I was mocked as a “conspiracy theorist.”

Now, the Big Tech overlords are working overtime to purge every corner of the Internet of all vigorous debate and discussion of the COVID regime from masks to lockdowns to vaccine passports and beyond. Free speech and free thought are imperiled by the globalist public health bureaucracy and its allies at Google, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. How rich that the crackdown is escalating just days after Google/YouTube awarded its CEO “Free Expression” award! Fox meet henhouse.

Breitbart News

What seems clear is that Big Tech has given itself the power to act as thought-police for people it views as problematic. (Hint: It’s conservatives!)