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Trump Surpasses Biden in Georgia with Slight Majority Support

In Georgia, a state narrowly won by Biden in 2020, a recent Fox News poll shows former President Donald Trump leading with just over half of the support among registered voters. Trump garners 51% favorability for a potential rematch, placing him 8 points ahead of President Biden, who has 43% support. This lead falls beyond the poll’s margin of error, reflecting a significant tilt.

The poll indicates high voter engagement, with 78% of Georgians expressing a keen interest in the race. Trump’s support base remains robust, particularly among White evangelicals, conservatives, non-college-educated White voters, and rural residents. Biden, on the other hand, maintains strong backing from liberals, Black voters, college-educated voters, and suburban women.

The loyalty among party members is strong, with 91% support from both Democrats for Biden and Republicans for Trump. However, Trump has a notable advantage among independent voters, leading Biden by 20 points in this group.

Despite a majority acknowledging Biden’s legitimate election in 2020, a notable portion of these voters are inclined to support Trump in the next election. The poll’s findings suggest a surprising strength for Trump in Georgia, considering the Democrats’ significant wins in recent Senate races. This might suggest a strategic shift for the Biden campaign towards other battleground states.

In a broader five-way race scenario, Trump continues to lead but with reduced margins, as third-party candidates draw support from both major candidates. An alternative hypothetical race featuring Nikki Haley instead of Trump shows a shift in voter preferences, benefiting Biden and third-party candidates, indicating less cohesion among Trump’s base in such a scenario.

The poll also highlights the economy as a primary concern for Georgia voters, with Trump perceived as better equipped to handle most key issues, except for climate change, where Biden is favored. Concerns about the candidates’ mental acuity differ, with more voters worried about Biden’s mental soundness than Trump’s.

Overall, Georgia voters are signaling a desire for significant change in governance, with Trump favored among those seeking substantial alterations. This reflects a dynamic political landscape in Georgia, with implications for both parties’ strategies moving forward.