Newspaper Columnist Writes Shocking Comments After Tucker Carlson Discussed This

A hysterical opinion piece written in USA Today has claimed that Tucker Carlson sharing his views will create a situation where “someone gets killed“.

In the mind of a liberal, expressing a view they don’t like and encouraging murder seem to mean the same thing…

Here’s more from the piece, written by their columnist Steven Petrow:

The essay, titled “Fox News should fire Tucker Carlson before his bullying on masks gets someone killed,” begins by stating that Carlson is taking a deadly risk with his “dangerous rhetoric” that resembles former President Trump’s “inflammatory speech” before the January Capitol Hill riot.

“His dangerous rhetoric sounds like Trump’s inflammatory speech before the Jan. 6 insurrection,” he writes. “That turned deadly. Carlson is taking the same risk.”

Petrow writes that Fox News is “courting death and danger by giving Tucker Carlson a platform to incite strangers to confront and harass mask wearers,” before sharing a personal experience of his.

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As this quote hints at, the real reason Petrow got angry is that something happened to him and he wanted to blame someone else.

But it turns out what happened to him had nothing to do with Carlson at all…

“About 15 minutes into my walk, a stranger on a bicycle, coming from the opposite direction, slowed down as he approached,” he writes. “I thought maybe he knew me but instead he shouted: ‘You got a mask on? Yeah, I got a (expletive) mask. You want me to shove it down your throat?’”

During the incident, Petrow describes being both startled and frightened.

“Not only was I startled, but for a moment I was afraid of this person’s out-of-the-blue and incendiary rage,” he writes. 

He then explains that he wore his mask mainly “to protect others,” despite the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) “revised guidance that allows us to forsake our masks outdoors.”

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So not only did the incident have nothing to do with Carlson, but the official advice doesn’t even recommend wearing a mask outdoors anymore.

Still, Petrow still found a way to blame Carlson. He just had to wait a few days until Carlson said something he could take out of context.

Days later, after Carlson stated on his eponymous show that if strangers can demand that those without masks wear them outdoors, then those with masks can be asked politely to remove them as well, Petrow believed he found the culprit for his earlier interaction.

 “Carlson used his primetime bully pulpit to urge his millions of viewers to confront strangers — like me — who choose to wear masks in public (and even to call 911 if they see kids wearing a mask),” he writes. 

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This is typical liberal behavior. They reject personal responsibility and always want someone else to blame.

And that’s exactly what Petrow has done.