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Sen. Graham: Heightened Fear of Another 9/11 Event

Senator Lindsey Graham expressed serious concerns about U.S. border security policies and their implications for national safety on NBC News’ “Meet the Press.” He warned that jihadist groups might target the U.S. due to its support for Israel and emphasized the heightened risk of a 9/11-like event, criticizing the current border situation as “obliterated” since January 2021.

Graham noted ongoing discussions with the White House about border security since September, but lamented the lack of substantial progress, predicting the talks could extend into the next year. He criticized the Biden administration’s border policies, blaming them for the influx of 6 million people since 2021 and a projected 3.6 million this year. Graham argued that these policies have turned the border into a dangerous place, mostly attracting people seeking economic opportunities rather than fleeing oppression.

The senator also highlighted FBI Director Christopher Wray’s statement about unprecedented threats to homeland security. While Graham supports U.S. aid to Ukraine and efforts to stabilize the Middle East, including normalization of relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel, he criticized the Biden administration for undoing Trump’s border policies, which he feels has led to a “nightmare” situation.

Graham disagreed with claims that Republican border proposals would shut down asylum for families, arguing that under Biden, the asylum system has become ineffective, with most applicants seeking economic gains rather than fleeing danger. He accused the Biden administration of ignoring international laws on asylum.

Acknowledging the robustness of Biden’s foreign aid package, Graham supported aid to Israel and Taiwan but dismissed the border provisions as inadequate. He also commented on the ongoing impeachment inquiry into Biden, downplaying its significance and doubting any financial benefit the president might have gained from Hunter Biden’s dealings. Graham concluded by emphasizing his focus on legal immigration and the need to address chaos at the border with effective policy.