Pelosi Roasted on Twitter for Ridiculous, Out-of-Touch Comment

A $900 billion compromise bill heading toward passage on Capitol Hill includes a $600 check for Americans struggling to make ends meet during the COVID-19 pandemic, an amount that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls “significant.”

Under the last stimulus bill passed by Congress in March, more than 150 million Americans received $1,200 payments as the government returned nearly $270 billion to Americans.

In a short statement on the House floor on Monday, Pelosi took the opportunity to bash President Trump as she discussed the new relief checks.

“I would like them bigger, but they are significant, and they will be going out soon,” Pelosi said. “The president may insist on having his name on the check. But make no mistake, those checks are from the American people. The American people’s name should be on that check, no individual.” KEEP READING
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