Pelosi Says Americans Don’t Want Another Trump Presidency, You Agree?

New Poll Reveals Neck-and-Neck Race Between Trump and Biden

The latest ABC News/Ipsos Poll indicates a tight race between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, with Trump slightly ahead by 2 percentage points in overall preferences. This poll surveyed 2,200 adults and revealed Trump is trusted more on several issues, whereas Biden fares better in terms of personal attributes.

In a more detailed view, among likely voters, Biden leads Trump 49% to 45%. However, when the poll expands to a five-candidate race, Trump leads with 42%, followed by Biden at 40%, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at 12%, Cornel West at 2%, and Jill Stein at 1%.

In terms of registered voters, Biden and Trump are tied at 42%. For likely voters, Biden gains an additional 3-4 percentage points.

The poll also explored potential impacts on voter support if Trump is convicted in his New York trial over falsifying business records related to hush money payments. While 80% of his supporters would remain loyal, 16% would reconsider, and 4% would withdraw their support. On the other hand, Biden’s main challenges include perceptions about his age and physical fitness, with 81% considering him too old for another term.

In issue-specific trust, Trump is preferred in handling the economy, inflation, crime and safety, immigration, the Israeli-Hamas conflict, and America’s global standing. Biden, however, is favored on abortion access and healthcare. Despite these issues, Biden has stronger support among independents and moderates compared to Trump and holds a substantial lead among voters who have maintained their financial status during his presidency.

Additionally, Biden outperforms Trump significantly among those who distrust both candidates on key issues, particularly the economy and immigration.