You won’t BELIEVE the Racial Slur These Black BLM Supporters Just Used Against Jews

Remember when liberals’ favorite pastime was calling Trump a Nazi? Well, a group of black liberals was just caught in an Anti-Semitic group chat.

Some of the things that were said were worse than things I’ve read or heard Neo-Nazis saying. It was insane.”

Kareen Rifai

What?! Liberals are hateful?! Liberals are racist?! Who would have known?

There are even reports of group members denying the Holocaust ever happened. I wonder what would happen to a white conservative who said this. My guess is that the cancel culture mob would tear them limb from limb.

The rhetoric was all Jews were termites, all Jews were Satanic.”

Anonymous Jewish Group Chat Member

So thank you, liberals, for proving us right once again. You are, in fact, racist as hell. Nice try though.