Ridiculous: Biden Makes Himself Look Like A Fool In Front Of World Leaders

The longer the Biden / Harris administration charade goes on, the more you wonder how much more foolish that America can look in front of the rest of the world.

It’s unbelievable.

But, hey, it’s a new day, a new opportunity to look like an idiot.

Today’s opportunity has Joe Biden look like an irrational meathead in front of world leaders like Putin of Russia, Xi of China, and Trudeau of Canada during a virtual climate change summit. You know, where no one is actually in the same room to be able to infect each other with COVID.

And in case you weren’t aware of this, Biden keeps talking about how we need to be strong in facing both Russia and China. It’s kind of hard to take that talk seriously when he keeps doing silly stuff. Joel Abbot gives details:

This is a virtual meeting with world leaders. They are literally thousands of miles apart.

Joe Biden is alone, with no one within his proximity.

Joe Biden has been vaccinated.

Joe Biden is the only one wearing a freaking mask […].

This meeting was a climate summit hosted by the White House.

Oh, and just for kicks, Biden is the only one without his nation’s flag behind him. I guess it’s hard to sport Old Glory when you and your party think America is a racist, oppressive nation built on genocide.

This is 100% political theater, like everything else the inauthentic Left stages these days.

Makes you proud to be an American knowing that Biden doesn’t even have the sense to realize that he doesn’t need to protect people in a virtual summit from his germs. What an inspiration as the leader of the free world!

How did we even get to the point where this guy is President of the United States?

We’ve got to do better America, if we are to have any hope of passing on any freedoms or a country remotely worth having to our kids.