Rogue Teacher Posts Photo of ‘Prison-Like’ Plexiglass Cubicles

pandemic classroom

Fifth-grade teacher Teresa Holmes posted a video of her classroom as the school district she works for in South Carolina prepares to reopen after a long closure due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Soon after Holmes posted her video, the school district asked her to take the post down and don’t “make it look like something negative.”

“Well, guess what? I feel that it is negative,” said Holmes to her local newspaper.

On the video, Holmes claims the school district spent $5 million on plexiglass. Her video shows how difficult it will be for children in the back of the room to see the front board where the teacher presents her lessons.

Also, there has been criticism that plexiglass does not do an effective job of stopping the spread of coronavirus, and that it is only used as optics to make people feel better.

An aerosol scientist on Twitter had a lot to say about this video and the science behind using plexiglass for virus prevention:

Liberals are always touting their love for science. However, when it comes to our children’s schools, they don’t seem to be following the science so much as sticking to “droplet dogma” and politically correct narratives–our children’s health be damned!

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