Romney Calls Trump A Liar, Is He Right?

In Other News

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), the proactive leader of the House Judiciary Committee, announced on Wednesday his intention to run for the position of House Speaker.

Significance: As one of the staunchest allies of former President Trump in Congress, Jordan has already garnered support from some of the more conservative members of the Republican party, who have been known to challenge previous GOP speakers.

Developing story: When questioned on Capitol Hill about his intentions to run for the speakership, Jordan confirmed, stating, “Yes.” He expressed that numerous individuals have encouraged him to pursue the role, pointing to a flood of supportive text messages and phone calls. “It’s crucial to bring unity to the conference, and I believe I’m up to the task. Several colleagues who have reached out share this sentiment,” added Jordan.

Reactions: Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), known for playing a pivotal role in the removal of former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), praised Jordan in a post on the social platform X, referring to him as his mentor and endorsing his potential as Speaker. Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), who was instrumental in the departure of another former Speaker, John Boehner, echoed this support. Additionally, Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.), a past leader of the conservative Republican Study Committee, has also endorsed Jordan for the role.