UNBELIEVABLE: Democrats Just Banned This Election Audit in Colorado

The blue state of Colorado just sucker punched election accountability.

With election “audit fever” sweeping the country, Democrats in Colorado are freaking out and did something insane: they banned independent election audits in the state.

The election audit results in Arizona are getting close to being released. Don’t be surprised if more blue states pull this stunt. Stalin must be proud.

Colorado’s Democratic Secretary of State Jena Griswold has unilaterally banned independent election audits in the state. The sudden and controversial move comes amidst highly anticipated election audit results from Arizona, which are being determined by an independent auditing firm.

“My office just issued rules prohibiting sham election audits in the State of Colorado,” Griswold said on Twitter. “We will not risk the state’s election security nor perpetuate The Big Lie. Sham audits have no place in Colorado.”

“The Big Lie” is actually that Americans have no right to question the election results in their democracy. Independent methods of ensuring government accountability should be on the table as another tool for citizens to ensure that their government is being forthright and transparent about Americans’ elections.

Griswold also singlehandedly instituted rules so that only government officials and private voting systems providers can handle state ballots, the Epoch Times reported.

“Per the rules, a person can only access a county’s voting system if they are an employee of the county clerk, an employee of the voting system provider, an employee of the Secretary of State’s office, or an appointed election judge,” the report said. “They must also have passed a comprehensive criminal background check.”

The Denver Post reported in December that several Republicans called for an independent election audit of the 2020 results.

“[S]even Colorado House Republicans and one representative-elect penned a letter Monday to outgoing House Speaker KC Becker calling for an audit of the Dominion Voting Systems software used by the state and creation of a special committee,” the Post reported.

The outgoing House Speaker merely dismissed the demands for transparency and accountability by alluding to  “debunked conspiracy theories.”

Becker News

If the elections were “the most secure and fair” in history, as Democrats claim, wouldn’t the liberals want election audits to be done to prove the accurate results?

Funny how this liberal Democrat Sec. of State in Colorado is going to this extreme measure just as the results in Arizona are about to come out.

Any cheating that took place must be exposed.

People of Colorado – are you going to just sit back and let Griswold turn your state into a communist country? This is outrageous!

  1. How can a Sec of State (any state) deny a FEDERAL election audit?! If a Sec of State has that much power, they shouldn’t have–the rules need changed. If Griswold is simply taking it upon herself to declare there will be no audit (without legal standing), then audit should go forward despite her wishes. If she tries to block it, she should receive a police escort to jail (if there are any policeman left).

    1. If a federal judge would order an election audit i would kinda doubt she would have a leg to stand on she probably just trying to keep herself out of prison

      1. Show me ONE major corporation that the CEO tried to stop an audit of their books and I’ll show you an unemployed CEO. Do you pay taxes on Colorado? Where’s the accounting? Did you vote in Colorado? Where’s the accounting?

  2. You are so right! We the people in ignorance placed the very person to govern for us; now they think they have the power to do as they please… WRONG! We can kick you out after Four years.

    The Law stands. If we the people are not satisfied with your performance you cannot make deals with others ie. Griswold. We need change.


    1. I wish that were the case, but they never put Democrats in jail anymore! They always get a free pass, no matter what their crime is, and it makes me so very angry that this is what our great country has come to! And the fact that our entire Department of Justice and FBI don’t have a problem with any of that is not only frightening, but completely reprehensible! Democrats all go free, and the right gets sent to Hell!

      There is absolute, and ample proof that Joe Biden & family have very lucrative quid pro quo deals in at least 4 countries, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia and China, at least two of which are US enemies! The Bidens have received many millions of dollars, and favors, so why are there no impeachment charges being brought against him now???? And yet, President Trump was FALSELY impeached without even one shred of evidence, only a phony accusation by a traitor to our country about a phone convrsation, because he didn’t like the President! Does anyone else see the disgusting hypocrisy here??? Adam Schiff needs to CHARGE Biden, just like he did to President Trump when there was no real proof at all vs. ALL the verifiable information on the Biden laptop! We the people, are really very sick and tired of all the double standards allowed only to be used by the Democrats, many of whom should be in jail right now!

  3. HO HUM! If you voted for equal representation and bi-partisan politics and then put today’s version (misnomer to call them Democrat’s) into office then remember that you are getting the exact opposite and yet the exact version of what they really are today. What they say is what you want to hear while knowing full well that you will get what they are serving-up and that is, “their agenda only” and you will like it or not, doesn’t matter, we won!

    The bottom line, those who voted for the Socialists and expected “pie in the sky” and are receiving “rotten apples” are beginning to wake-up according to the latest polls. Biden below 50% (I would wager it is worse than that) and Harris has a (98%) negative response from those that were polled on her performance so far as VP.

    There is only “ONE” reason the Socialists would ban an independent audit and restrict ballot access to their own “THE ELECTION RESULTS ARE TAINTED “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The innocent welcome scrutiny, the guilty hide from it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Duh, no brainer, right? Well, you have a way non-Conservative voters, remember what you are being “served-up” and vote differently come 2022.

  4. Doesn’t the sate of Colorado want to prove to its citizens that the 2020 election in the state of Colorado is free from question??? Why do the state authorities resist an audit unless they have some thing to hide????

  5. People all over this country need to take a stand and demand a recount in every state. A forensic audit. It’s our tax dollars. The government is supposed to answer to the people not the people answer to the government. Stand up for freedom, to many lives have been given for our freedom, and for every person who gave their live, lost a limb, or and eye, or came home crippled for life, for our freedom. Don’t let one life, one limb or one drop of blood be shed in vain!!!!
    Stand up against this corrupt government and throw them out on their butts. Stand up people. Take a stand for right. We pay their salaries. Demand answers or stop paying your taxes. If every red blooded American Citizen would stop paying their taxes. Things would change. They can’t put the entire country in jail. And how would they do that. It takes money to put people in jail. Stand up American Patriots or you will set down and fall for anything.

  6. This election, BLM, Antifa, DC, Hollywood, Politicians, Supreme Court, past, present President’s, and the many who voted for Biden has taught me where “I don’t want to live.”

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