Scary: Leaked Document Shows That China Wants Worldwide Control Over This Resource

You have to have been living in a cave for the last several years to not know that the Chinese Communist Party government has power issues. Meaning that they crave power, absolute power. They’ve been working hard on not just consolidating their control of their own country, but they want to expand their control over the rest of the world, too.

Now, before you write this off like some unhinged conspiracy theory (and I’ll be the first to admit that there are some bizarre ones out there), you need to understand that leaked documents from the Chinese Communist Party itself show that they are seeking to expand their control worldwide. Their target? The worldwide internet. Nicole Hao and Cathy He write,

Chinese leader Xi Jinping personally directed the communist regime to focus its efforts to control the global internet, displacing the influential role of the United States, according to internal government documents recently obtained by The Epoch Times.

In a January 2017 speech, Xi said the “power to control the internet” had become the “new focal point of [China’s] national strategic contest,” and singled out the United States as a “rival force” standing in the way of the regime’s ambitions.

The ultimate goal was for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to control all content on the global internet, so the regime could wield what Xi described as “discourse power” over communications and discussions on the world stage.

Xi articulated a vision of “using technology to rule the internet” to achieve total control over every part of the online ecosystem—over applications, content, quality, capital, and manpower.

This speech took place four years ago. What is scary is how much control of the internet that the Chinese Communist Party has already taken. If you have any doubt, just look at the active censoring that tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Google have exerted against anything which refers to COVID-19 as the Wuhan Virus or the Chinese Virus or against anything that criticizes the Chinese Communist Party.

And, let’s be frank, it’s pretty unlikely that you’re going to hear this story in the mainstream media, either.

What does this mean for you? It means that you have to work to find information sources outside of the mainstream media or social media to make sure that you get real, true information. Yes, I mean information sources like this site.

What other ways can we combat Chinese Communist Party media censorship of the internet? Tell us below.