Senate GOP Blocks This Dumb Democrat Proposal

Finally, Senate Republicans make a stand and do the right thing.

On Friday they blocked the creation of a panel to study the January 6th non-riot at the Capitol. The measure needed 60 votes to pass, and failed by a 54-35 margin.

This so-called “independent investigation” would have been like another impeachment trial for President Trump. Democrats still blame Trump for ‘inciting a riot’ inside the Capitol.

But Republican Senator James Lankford said that other government agencies have started probes:

“Senate Committees have already gathered information and heard testimony from the Department of Homeland Security, Secret Service, the Department of Justice, FBI, ATF…

“Unlike the House, which is on a mission to seek tabloid-style testimony, the Senate Committees are focused on improving the safety and security of the US Capitol by addressing the serious needs and support for the US Capitol Police.”

And GOP Senator John Cornyn from Texas agrees. He believe the Dems are trying to use the commission as a political tool:

“I don’t think this is the only way to get to the bottom of what happened.”

He added that other Senate committees are looking at the incident.

The Democrat double standard is obvious. Last summer, BLM and Antifa supporters rioted in big cities across the country. The riots killed dozens of people, injured hundreds others, and cost billions of dollars in damage.

And very few – if any – Dems said that government should look into them.

Loss of life is always tragic no matter when or where it occurs. But the January 6th incident had fewer deaths than the BLM “protests.” One was from a gunshot (Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt), one from a drug overdose, and three from natural causes.

And no charges were filed against the officer who shot and killed Ms. Babbitt. Do I see a double standard here?

But not all lives are created equal for liberal Democrats.

The value of lives depend on race and political party. Or if they can use a death for political gain.

The Left lifts up the liberal martyr George Floyd. But doesn’t care about David Dorn – the retired police officer killed in St. Louis. Or the dozens of people shot and killed in Chicago every week.

Props to the Senate GOP for doing what’s right. And not allowing another political stunt.