Senator Blasts Biden for Not Finishing What Trump Started

Jim Lankford

President Trump pledged to build a wall along the southern border. Despite strong opposition to his plans, Trump was able to build enough additional wall to get the entire project to 95% completion.

However, Biden came along and shut down the finishing touches on “the big beautiful wall” Trump talked about. The wall may be close to finished – but there are still huge gaps of unfinished wall. And these holes allow too many illegal immigrants to pour into the country.

One of Biden’s first EOs was to stop wall construction.

“This doesn’t make any sense.”

This is unacceptable to Oklahoma Senator James Lankford (R). He paid a visit to a segment of unfinished wall in Arizona and says this semi-completed border wall makes no sense. Here’s a video he posted:

“In this area there are these giant gaps that are set up in the fence itself, that they’ve got to be able to finish the fence first just to be able to finish this gap,” Lankford said. “They’ve got to finish the road that goes along with it, and then get the technology and the sensors.” — Senator James Lankford

Having a completed wall with a finished road for patrolling makes sense. You then add the sensors and technology to a finished wall. The mess we are dealing with would not be happening with a finished wall.

Biden makes it too easy for illegals to enter the country. This has so many domestic consequences for Americans.

Perhaps Biden wants to flood the country with illegal immigrants? What’s Uncle Joe up to?

Tell us in the comments why you think Joe Biden put a stop to the border wall construction.

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