Shocking Violence In Chicago – You Won’t Believe What Police Are Up Against

Police in Chicago are having a very hard time keeping things under control. Violence in the city has gotten out of hand, party because there are more gang members than police officers.

Gang members in Chicago outnumber law enforcement officers about 9 to 1 — as officers are on track to retire in record numbers this year, police said Wednesday.

Police Superintendent David Brown estimated last year that there are about 117,000 gang associates, who are part of the city’s 55 known gangs.

The number greatly exceeds the city’s police force, which employs around 13,000 officers.

The New York Post

The Chicago Alderman recently called the city a war zone.

The violence in the city has skyrocketed with reports of deaths and injuries nearly every weekend.

Democrats need to look at situations like Chicago to see what taking away our guns and defunding the police would really mean. Normal citizens don’t want to lose the little protection that we have against criminals.

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