SHOCKING: Biden Wants To Do This With Your Tax Dollars

The Biden Administration has apparently omitted an important pro-life addition from their budget. The Hyde Amendment doesn’t show up in the plan at all.

The amendment is the only thing that stands in the way of publicly funded abortions. That means without it, your tax dollars are going to be used to kill babies.

Advocates of abortions have hated the amendment since the beginning. They want free, easy abortions to everyone, anytime, anywhere. Who cares about the pain the babies go through, right?

The monster $6 trillion spending plan makes no mention of the amendment, a longstanding budget rider that bars federal funding for nearly all abortions through Medicaid, the military, and other tax-supported programs.

Biden, who is Catholic, was a supporter of the amendment since it was enacted in 1976 — when he was a first-term US senator from Delaware — and included in federal spending bills since then.

But he abruptly reversed himself on the issue at a Democratic National Committee event in 2019, after his presidential campaign took flak from the party’s left wing.

New York Post

How could a Catholic even consider allowing these things? The left-wing is a wild mob and Biden isn’t strong enough to stand up to them, even for his religion.

Nearly 620,000 babies lost their lives to abortion in 2018. Without the protections that the Hyde Amendment provides, that number is surely going to rise.

This is just simply outrageous. Almost 2.5 million lives saved and Biden just decides that’s not worth it. A few psychos freaking out because they want to murder their own babies for free is all it takes for him to give in.

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