Should DC International Airport Be Renamed After Trump?

House Republicans want to name DC airport after Trump

A faction of House Republicans, led by Rep. Guy Reschenthaler of Pennsylvania, is advocating for the renaming of Washington, D.C.’s primary international airport in honor of former President Donald Trump. Reschenthaler, alongside six co-sponsors, introduced legislation proposing that Washington Dulles International Airport be rebranded as the “Donald J. Trump International Airport.” He praised Trump’s presidency as a pinnacle of national achievement and suggested that the airport’s renaming would symbolize American ideals of freedom, prosperity, and strength to travelers.

The proposed bill specifies that all official references to the airport would be changed to its new name if the legislation is enacted. Despite support from several Republican representatives, the bill faces significant hurdles in the Democrat-dominated Senate. If successful, this would make it the second airport in the D.C. area named after a Republican president, following Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

Supporters of the bill, like Rep. Barry Moore, draw parallels to the 1998 renaming of Washington National Airport after Ronald Reagan, viewing it as appropriate to honor Trump in a similar manner. Rep. Paul Gosar expressed a desire to see both of D.C.’s major airports named after who he considers to be two of America’s finest presidents, Reagan and Trump.

Dulles Airport, a key international gateway, is vital for governmental travel and stands as a significant transportation hub, ranking 33rd in U.S. passenger traffic in 2023 with approximately 25 million travelers. It is also noted for its extensive land area, being the fourth-largest airport in the United States.