Should Nikki Haley Drop Out of 2024 Race and Endorse Trump?

Trump Agrees with Supporter’s Call for ’12 Years of Trump’ Term

At a rally in New Hampshire, just before the state’s primary, Former President Trump engaged with a supporter who suggested an extended term of “12 years of Trump.” Responding affirmatively, Trump humorously cautioned about keeping it quiet to avoid accusations of fascism, a label he noted his critics often use.

This exchange happens against a backdrop of concerns from both Democrats and some Republicans about Trump’s potential authoritarian leadership if he were to be re-elected. These worries were highlighted recently when Trump, in an interview with Fox News anchor Sean Hannity, was questioned about the possibility of him ruling as a dictator. Trump initially sidestepped the question but later joked that he would only be a dictator on his first day to address border security and initiate drilling in the U.S., before clarifying that he wouldn’t actually be a dictator.

Following these comments, a poll indicated that a majority of voters, 56 percent, believe Trump would behave dictatorially if he returned to office. While some Republicans downplayed Trump’s remarks about dictatorship, the White House and Democrats have been vocal in expressing their concerns.

Additionally, Trump’s previous comparison of his political adversaries to “vermin” also drew criticism and unfavorable comparisons to past dictators. His latest comments come as he prepares to compete against Nikki Haley, former United Nations Ambassador, in the New Hampshire primary, setting the stage for a closely watched political contest.