This “Actress” Trashes America – Gets Shut Up Immediately

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You’re probably wondering about the quotes about the word ‘actress’ in the title.

Well, Mia Khalifa, the woman who just got blasted for talking nonsense about our country, is not an actress per se. She used to be a star of adult movies, and now she’s a social media influencer that constantly finds new ways to bash America.

Her latest nonsense is just too much.

Khalifa had the audacity to comment on our foreign policy on the 4th of July. And she did it using the same rhetoric we hear from Russia and China.

While Independence Day is a blast for most of us as we drink beer and celebrate freedom, she decided to take some shots at the country that helped make her famous!

The Daily Caller

Khalifa said that “all America does is destabilize other countries and then treats refugees and immigrants from those destabilized countries like second-class citizens and trash.”

You can’t make this stuff up. The Internet gave her what she deserves right away.