This New Rule For Make-A-Wish Kids Is Infuriating

The Make-A-Wish foundation offers sick or terminally ill children the chance of a life-time. They’re able to help kids and families do amazing things, such as a family trip to Disney World or a meeting with a famous celebrity.

The President of the foundation, Richard Davis, recently made a new announcement. The Make-A-Wish Foundation will now require a child and their entire family to be vaccinated before they can be given a wish.

The Make-A-Wish foundation deals with children who are diagnosed with a critical illness. Can they really tell these children that they should be required to get any kind of medical treatment? Their personal doctor should be the one making these decisions, not an organization.

Everyone’s situation is bound to be different. No illness or person is exactly the same. Let’s hope that foundation will reverse their decision on this matter, at least for children that might be at risk from a vaccine.

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